When you decide video production is necessary to promote your business, you have to make the important decision as to whether you are going to film inside of a studio or on location. There are pros and cons to each and you need to be able to make the right decision so that your video looks professional and portrays the message that you desire. Hiring a professional video production company in Sydney to assist you with production can be the best way to learn about the differences between studio and location and make the best decision for the video that you wish to produce.
When you film inside of the studio, it allows you to have control over various different things. You will be able to control the sound because no one will be sharing the studio with you. There are not going to be outside sounds, such as cars passing, birds squawking, or anything like that. These are things that you cannot control when you are on location.
When you are inside of the studio, you can also control the lights and all of the visuals. The film crew will be able to alter the light to make it seem like it is day or night, and even give the feel that you are outside. Visuals can also be brought in and backdrops can be utilized. This allows you to portray a particular message, and give a specific feel for the video.
Everything about the studio can be controlled. You will have electricity in the building, ensuring that you have light exactly where you need it, you can plug-in products as needed, and you have full control. All of these sound beneficial, but there are some downsides to being in a studio. As much as you can control the sound and lights and visuals, you don’t get the personalized feel as you would when you are on location. You cannot have the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background or go up to a stranger in order to get a testimonial on the spot. Everything is going to be rigid and planned out, which may or may not be the way that you want to go.
If you choose video production on location, you will have that personalized feel. You can be on location somewhere in Sydney in the great outdoors, at your office, at a restaurant, or anywhere else that makes sense. Based upon what you are filming and promoting. There are going to be all sorts of external elements that can add to the personalization. These external elements are also what is going to be detrimental. If it starts to rain, your video production could be ruined. If there is a large traffic jam and cars start to honk, you may lose your audio completely.
Since there are pros and cons associated with both studio and on location sites, you have to weigh them back-and-forth based upon what you are trying to promote and what kind of feeling you want your video to have. If you are a Sydney-based business, you may want to choose and on location environment simply because it showcases to people, your connection with the community and your roots. If what you are promoting in your video has nothing to do with the city, then a studio may allow you to get your message across and control all of the stimuli at the same time.
By working with a professional video production company, they are going to be able to help you get the best look for your video, regardless of whether you are in a studio or on location. If you choose to be on location, the videographer and crew will be able to ensure that all of your audio is captured and during postproduction, various modifications can be made in order to drown out background noise even further, if it is necessary to create a high-quality video. This ensures that you have the best possible video in order to promote your business online.
Take some time to consider what kind of video you are making. There’s going to be a big difference between a product sales video, a company profile video, and a training video. If you are demonstrating something that is typically used outside, then you will want to be outside in order to provide the best atmosphere. In some instances, it will work fine whether you are in a studio or on location. It won’t matter because you will be able to get customer engagement regardless. However, there are going to be instances where the studio is going to be better for being on location will be better.
If you cannot establish which one is going to be right for you, then it is a necessity that you work with a professional video production company in Sydney, so that they can guide you through the process. This will include talking to you about the type of video you want to have produced, how you want to engage customers, and the overall feel that you want to establish within the video. This will ensure that you get all of your questions answered and that you have the best background for your video.
You may not think that it matters whether you are in a studio or on location. However, people are going to pay attention to the background just as much as they are going to pay attention to everything else. You don’t want a background detracting from the message that you are trying to deliver. If people are constantly staring behind you as opposed to at you, you have created a video that is not going to connect with customers, which essentially means that you have not created a video at all because no one will benefit from watching it.
Once you decide what you need to control, it will be easier for you to determine whether you should be in a studio or on location – and the video production company that you choose can help you, either way.