As customers, we identify opportunities to buy products and services based upon how our senses receive them. Video production leads to successful customer engagement, because we are appealing to two of the different senses – sight and sound. This allows you to present yourself in a professional manner and ensure that people are able to get the visual stimulus as well as audio features.

It is important to look at how people learn. In school, you may have been a visual learner, a tactile learner, an audio learner, or some other type of learner. By incorporating these into the way that you market and engage people, you will be able to achieve a larger share of the market. People are going to be more engaged with video than they are text because you are providing more stimuli.

While it is true that some people are going to be engaged with text, it is not as common. You can also include text within your video, making it possible for individuals to read what is on the screen, as well as watch the video and listen to what is being said. This ensures that you cover all bases – and corporate videos are capable of incorporating all of these features into a single video.

One minute of video is worth more than a million words. This is an important thing to consider when you decide whether you need to use video for promoting your business. You are not being effective in your marketing if you are not using videos and this is a dangerous thought. There are companies who are already using video production to get their point across and this means that they could be targeting your customers.

YouTube alone is the second largest search engine around the globe and there are 1 billion users every month on the site. This provides you with a substantial opportunity to promote yourself and send people to your website. With the use of keywords, people can find you, watch your video, and be interested in more information – and that’s when they will follow the link you have provided. When you are looking through click-through traffic, all it takes is a well-produced corporate video.

If you don’t have corporate videos to place on the site, then you are simply unable to engage with the 1 billion users that are on YouTube and this could be very dangerous for your business. You may not get a front page position in Google, either, and that’s because you are not catering to the SEO requirements. A link on YouTube can get you noticed – and that’s because people want to feed their senses with more stimuli than just text on a page.

Search engine optimization is a necessity for your business. If you are not showing up on the front pages of Google, then you are not being seen. The average customer looks for businesses. They want to work with online. They aren’t using Yellow Pages anymore and they aren’t relying on driving by business. They are using the Internet in order to find businesses – and this means typing a few keywords into a search engine, such as Google. You can write articles and great content all day long. However, when Google tells you that a video helps your writing, you need to listen to Google and create videos so that you can shop on the front page. This is because YouTube has such volume and having no video provides you with that extra SEO that can put you over the edge.

Videos are the easiest way to interact and engage with your customers. Think about this. As a result of e-commerce, you can connect with more people because there is no longer the need for people to go into a physical location to buy from you. However, since they are not going into the physical location, they cannot hold the items, play with the items, or receive a demonstration.

Video allows you to fill in these gaps. You provide the extrasensory information that people are looking for when making a purchase. You can demonstrate how a product works and actually SHOW people what things look like more effectively than talking about it or even showing a photo. People see the sounds and can watch the movement – and these two senses are critical in helping people to make purchasing decisions.

It is possible to reach more people with the video. If you were going to do a demonstration inside of your location, you may be able to reach 50 people and maybe a few more, depending upon the location of your business as well as how many people knew about the demonstration ahead of time. When you create a video and posted online, you have the ability to do that same demonstration to thousands and potentially millions of people. This is because people can search for it, you have a global audience, and you only have to perform the demonstration once. It is then available online where people can watch it over and over again, shared with other people that they know, and talk to their family members about the video in order to help drive the sales for you.

People need visual stimuli when making purchases, especially when the purchases are of a considerable amount of money. Regardless of what your business is, video production can assist you in a variety of different ways. Whether you are creating testimonials where people are sharing how great you are or you are demonstrating a product, people know that visual stimuli does not lie and therefore they are more apt to trust what you are saying.

Ultimately, in order to beat out the competition, you need to engage with customers more effectively than your competition. If your competition is already using videos, then you need to create corporate videos that are more enticing, focus more on the demands of your customers, and ensure that they are posted not only on your website, but also on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Customers in today’s day and age demand more and through video production, you can give it to them.